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Historical background

1.MinCheng Period:
In 15th year of Min YunLi (1661), Cheng ChenKun expeled the Netherlanders and set up one government and two counties. Shenggang Township belonged to TienShin County, then it upgraded to Tienshin Chou.

2.Ching Dynasty
23rd year if KangShi, the Ching government re-delimited the administrative area. Tienshin Chou changed its name to ChuLo County. 27th year of ChianLong (1762), BanshienBao of ChangHua county changed name to BanShienDongShiBao. 1st year of Kuangshiu (1875), BanShienDongShiBao changed name to ShienDong and ShienSi and under the control of ShienSiBao ChangHua of Taiwan government.
3.Japanese Occupation Period
In 28th of MingTzu (1895), the village changed to under the control of ShienSiBao LuKangChiTing, Taichung County.

4.After Recovery
In 1936, the administrative area became a county. In 1950, our township departed from SienSi Village and named ShinKang Village. Owing to as the same name as ShinKang in JiaYi county, after negotiation our Township changed name to ShengGang on 1st July, 1959 until now.

5.Current Natural Environment
ShengKang was located in the west coast of Taiwan. Our village is a plain, located in the west-north side of ChangHua with total 30.7226 square kilometer in size.

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